Tips for supporting local businesses during COVID-19


  • When ordering take-out or delivery, support local restaurants 
  • Call restaurants directly to place orders or use delivery apps which have waived restaurant fees 
    • Delivery apps are postponing delivery fees, but will still collect them eventually: Uber Eats, Grubhub 
  • Buy gift cards, ideally online, at your favorite local shops
  • If you have time to catch up on reading, order books online from your local bookstore instead of from Amazon 
  • Shop online at local retailers
  • Buy local produce when possible and support local grocery stores, instead of waiting on long lines at the big chains
  • Offer your skills to your small business neighbors. Are you a website developer, a lawyer, a business consultant? An in-kind donation of your expertise would be extremely helpful to many businesses. 
  • Connect with your community! Find out what businesses need and bring your friends and neighbors together (virtually) to help them out. 


If you have a business:

FEMA: If you or your organization is interested in helping the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, FEMA has established a website ( with more information. Examples for the private sector include: To sell medical supplies or equipment to the federal government, please email specifics to If you have medical supplies or equipment to donate, please provide details on what you are offering. If you are a private company that wants to produce a product related to the COVID response – email For non-medical supplies, services or equipment, if you are interested in doing business with FEMA, visit their Industry Liaison Program:

NYC EDC: The New York City Economic Development Corporation is seeking businesses with the ability to quickly source and/or make needed medical supplies (e.g. face shields, gowns, ventilators, masks, and other products as needed) to support the City’s COVID-19 response. More information HERE.

As an individual:

Click HERE for City&State’s list of the 5 top ways that New Yorkers can help eachother through the pandemic.


Get the latest information and updates on COVID-19 from the NYC Department of Health. To receive real-time New York City COVID-19 updates, text “COVID” to 692-692.