Reopening Guidelines and Information for Fitness Businesses

We are excited that gyms reopened on 9/2, although unfortunately this still excludes fitness classes, which make up the majority of our fitness businesses. Fitness classes may continue outdoors in NYC Parks, and we are discussing a potential partnership with Barclays Center to use their outdoor plaza space for classes.

What gym owners must do:
1. NYS requirements:
– Read and Affirm the guidelines
– Fill out the safety plan and have on hand on your premises
2. NYC requirements:
– Read FAQs
– Complete and submit inspection request and attestation form.
3. Once you have completed all this you can open, you don’t have to have had your inspection to open, just have requested one.

Other requirements from Dept of Health
– Face Coverings must be worn by everyone at all times.
– Bandanas, buffs and gaitors are NOT acceptable face coverings for the gym.
– indoor pools or classes are not allowed.
– Water fountains must be covered or switched off, bottle fillers are allowed.
– Common seating areas and saunas are not allowed.
– for more help.

– Min Merv-13 standards with professional documentation needed or adopt additional requirements if no air system in place (see guidelines).

– They are virtual.
– No summonses or fines, just pass or fail. Some issues can be dealt with at inspection.
– Need to fill out inspection checklist before the inspection.
– If fail inspection can get reinspected quickly once rectified.

– Patrons are responsible for cleaning equipment after use.
– Staff responsible for cleaning and logging on regular basis according to your safety protocols.

– Make sure the building management has been maintaining fire sprinkler system and fire alarm panel during shutdown.
– All egresses before covid that are used for a fire exit must still be available for use. So if changing how people enter and leave for social distancing do not lock or block those egresses for fire exits.

– If you are unsure of the max occupancy of your space then contact for help.

The Church Avenue BID hosts a weekly Zoom call with Brooklyn BIDs and fitness businesses to discuss the reopening of fitness in NYC. To be added to the invite list, email 

Additionally, the NY Fitness Coalition filed a class action lawsuit that forced the hand of the Governor to open gyms and provide guidance
-They are poised to sue the Mayor if he attempts to keep gyms closed past the Governors deadline of Sept 2nd
– They hired a Government Relations Team that helped get their 50 page protocol backed by 30 years of science to the desk of the Governor, which was in part, adopted by the state for the safe reopening of gyms
-They partnered with TrustedSafe which is operated by Kevin Godfrey, an Occupational Health and Safety Expert, to write these protocols and advise all gyms how to meet or exceed CDC and DOH guidelines
– They have created resources for gyms to receive the cleaning products, education, and mandatory tools they need to not only open gyms but KEEP them open.

Click HERE to watch their video and check out their Go Fund Me. Click HERE to join their Facebook group, and email to connect with them.