Highlighting NFBID Black-Owned Businesses: Kombit Bar and Restaurant

We are thrilled to be highlighting some of our incredible North Flatbush Avenue Black-owned businesses, in honor of Black history month! Justice Felix tells us about Kombit Bar and Restaurant, which has been on North Flatbush Avenue for 17 years!

Tell us a little about your business and what makes it unique:

Kombit Bar and Restaurant is Haitian dining in Park Slope/ Prospect Heights. NYC needed to know the splendor if Haitian cuisine — my best kept secret exposed!

Who are some leaders who inspired you in your journey as a Black entrepreneur?

Truthfully speaking, my Mother. She’s a hustler to the core. She came to America with no man, no English and made it happen for her seven children!

What is your other favorite North Flatbush Avenue Black owned business?


What makes North Flatbush Avenue a good place to have a business?

The great mix of businesses, the eclectic vibe of meeting points of Brooklyn, and all of the diversity that make Brooklyn.

Where can people find Kombit on social media?

@Kombitbar (Instagram). Kombit Bar and Restaurant (Facebook)