Highlighting NFBID Women Board Members! Regina Cahill

We are thrilled to be highlighting some of our incredible North Flatbush Avenue women board members! Here’s our long-time Board Chair Regina Cahill on why she joined the board and loves this community:

Your name:

Regina Cahill

What category of board member are you? 

Property Owner

What committees are you on? 

Executive, Finance

How long have you been on the board? 

Since 1982

What inspired you to join the board? 

I was enlisted by Bette Stoltz as a founding member during the  BID formation. I live here so I felt I needed to be involved!

What are some of your favorite North Flatbush businesses? 

Allstar Hardware, King’s Pharmacy, Antonio’s pizza, Pintchik paints – long gone Triangle sports, Jamila’s, Cara’s Critters, Christies Jamaica Beef Patties

What is your favorite woman-owned business in Brooklyn? 

Can’t pick one!

What is your favorite North Flatbush event or tradition?  

Winter/ Holiday with Santa and Summer Solstice

What makes North Flatbush a good place to have a business?