Highlighting North Flatbush Avenue Woman Owned Businesses! Zakia Noreen Kattak

We are thrilled to be highlighting some of our incredible North Flatbush Avenue women board members! Here’s our newest North Flatbush Avenue Woman-Owned Business, ZNK Beauty!

Your name:

Zakia Noreen Kattak

Name of your North Flatbush Business 

ZNK Health & Beauty Center

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @znkbeauty facebook:- Zakia Noreen Khatta

What’s one other social media account that you would recommend following?


How long have you been a business owner?

Since 2015

How long have you owned a business on North Flatbush Avenue?

Since 2021

What makes you a “Small Business Wonder Woman”? Tell us a little about your business and what makes it unique

ZNK presents the healing power of beauty to your body, mind and soul. Beauty empowers you with inner & outer strength, greater joy, health, well being and meaningful life. Since covid-19 has brought us a year of anxious uncertainty and depression rate in America has tripled since the pandemic began. ZNK offers a verity of services to beautify your body, refresh your mind and sooth your spirit. Our services make you enable to take away all your stress, anxiety, and send you off with the gift of beauty, wellness and sustainable happiness.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

My inspiration is natural.

Who are some female leaders who have inspired you in your journey as a female entrepreneur?

When I was doing my MBA, I thought to do some business in my life. Actually all the female entrepreneur are my inspiration because everyone has their own specialty to inspire.

What is your other favorite woman-owned business In Brooklyn?  

A & J Staffing is a women owned business and I work there as a branch manager too.

What is your other favorite North Flatbush Avenue business?

DNN Hair & Body

What makes North Flatbush Avenue a good place to have a business?

Its a busy and crowded area. Also North Flatbush Ave BID is there to support and build bridges between community & the local businesses