sw/EATS! SLT and World Famous Deli

James and Theo continue their exploration of North Flatbush’s dining and fitness options! 


Looking for a challenge? You’ve come to the right place! 

SLT, short for “Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone,” is an efficient, results-driven workout that will leave you more sore than you ever thought possible. Developed by serial wellness entrepreneur Amanda Freeman, SLT’s workout makes use of something called “The Megaformer,” which is essentially a Pilates reformer on steroids: both contraptions are made of two stable platforms with a gliding carriage in the middle. 

According to Pop Sugar Fitness, the “Megaformer” was developed in 2005 by Sebastien Lagree, after two years of working with an engineering team. The machine uses “adjustable, spring-loaded resistance to allow for a customizable resistance load that is engaged via slow, deliberate movements that activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, increasing stamina and oxygen capacity of your muscles and allowing the body to burn energy for longer periods of time.” Similar to a Pilates Reformer, the Megaformer also has spring-loaded tension that activates various muscles at once in a low-impact way. However, the Megaformer was designed specifically with the goal of merging Pilates with cardio. 

When I arrived at class, instructor Amanda gave me a quick run down of how to use the machine (note: as with Pilates machines, non-slip socks are a requirement for safety purposes, be sure to bring a pair or else be prepared to purchase them at the studio). Amanda placed me next to a regular practitioner, who was incredibly helpful to watch, as often the instructions came rapid-fire. It generally takes a few classes just to get a hang of the moves, and to orient yourself on the reformer — the carriage is numbered, and the springs are colored to denote amounts of resistance, so it feels a bit like a speedy game of Twister. Since the best workouts challenge our brains as well as our bodies, SLT’s workout offers mental stimulation as well … thinking burns calories!

The workout incorporates some cardio elements –for example, rapid movements between upper push-up and forearm planks. However, generally it is very slow-moving, and attendees hold poses for long periods of time (SLT’s motto is, the slower you move, the better the results). 

While the workout will target all different parts of your body, including muscles you never knew existed, the carriage makes low-impact exercises significantly more challenging by adding instability and resistance, leading your body to fire up lots of little stabilizing muscles, and especially your core. In other words, there’s no giving up, the machine forces you to hold poses, otherwise you fall off. The SLT routine is designed to bring you to muscle failure (a good thing) faster, leading to more defined muscle development and increased stamina. 

How often should you use a megaformer?

SLT recommends three times a week to allow your body proper recovery time, but some hardcore clients love the workout so much, they attend class four–five times a week. SLT’s workout is different every time, but pulls from a range of moves, so you may see the same move a few times over the course of several classes. 

SLT’s workout is low-impact, making it a great option for everybody. Moves can be modified to suit your needs. SLT does offer an “Essentials” class for new clients. This class moves a bit slower than the “All Levels” class, but is still a great workout for clients looking to perfect their form.

How do I sign up? 

Anyone can take class, but all classes must be prepaid. Click HERE to read more! 

World Famous Deli! 

In this installment of sw/Eats…let me tell you about the World Famous Deli at 475 Bergen Street between 6th Avenue and Flatbush. While uncertain as how it was named and what metrics are used to determine this, I will share that the deli counter team are amazing and should be World Famous!

Like many convenience stores or bodegas in Brooklyn, World Famous offers a refrigerated wall with a dizzying selection of cold beverages, a few short aisles of household items and snack “necessities” to hold you over until the next full-market run, and a eye-catching selection of gums/chocolates/mints/candies. But the standout is certainly the grill and deli counter. Staples like “Baconeggncheese”, cold cuts (Boar’s Head if it matters to you), and the typical selection of tuna/chicken/egg salads are available. But after looking up and reviewing the legibly-chalked menu boards, you realize that the selection is far beyond typical — breakfast wraps, paninis, “breakfast wraps & paninis”, custom salads, burgers, and sandwiches galore. 

Resk Ali, from Yemen, has been running this outpost since May 2016 while also operating another location deeper in Park Slope. He loves that his place attracts “different people everyday–all kinds of people”. You will observe a steady flow of neighbors, transit riders making connections at the bus stop and to the Bergen St subway station,  staff from Barclays Center and other local businesses, and plenty of our friends from the 78 Pct building around the corner on 6th Ave. 

World Famous Deli features a whole board of Veggie sandwiches which offers a great selection of options including the comfortably priced $6 “Regular Guy” that includes fresh mozzarella, pesto and tomato on a baguette; or dollar up to $7 for a “Real Nice” with marinated portobello mushroom, tomato, pesto, mixed greens and baked tofu on a hero. The options go on to include ingredients like roasted peppers, sprouts, cucumbers, avocado, hummus, and sundried tomato to name a few–so many others if you consider the custom salad bar options too.

The grill guys provide service that is quick, friendly, and attentive to special instructions. World Famous promises something fresh and quick for anyone needing to energize post-workout, and can accommodate the finickiest of eaters–decide if you want it on a roll, baguette, bed of greens or in a wrap, dream it up and Voila!, you will be pleased.