Phase 2: NYC Open Dining

Phase 2 began Monday, June 22nd. 

Phase 2 allows for the reopening of outdoor dining at bars and restaurants, in-person retail, hair salons and barbershops (but not personal care services like nails or massages) and more office-based jobs, all at half capacity and with mandatory COVID safeguards in place like social distancing and facial coverings. For guidelines on what types of businesses can open in Phase 2, click HERE.

You must also review and enact the requested procedures:

For all businesses, click HERE.

For Food/Restaurant Operations, click HERE.

A few notes on outdoor dining:

  • Outdoor dining is allowed 8am-11pm
  • Seating must be socially distanced and minimum 8 feet from the curb.
  • Please note ADA requirements (ramp access) for curb lane dining
  • Please note barrier requirements for curb lane dining (streets with 2 or less traffic lanes vs those with more than 2)
  • Rush Hour parking restrictions apply to our district with curbside travel lanes activated at the posted times
  • No curb lane dining at bus stops or 15 feet from fire hydrants
  • No curb lane dining at loading zones or No stopping/No standing zones
  • You should publicly post any documentation requested by NYC and NYS agencies
  • Create a protective barrier, such as planters or objects of similar size and weight, on all three sides of the seating perimeter that are in the roadway, to separate seating from the travel lane. Such barriers must be at least 18″ in width and 30–36″ in height (excluding plantings) on all three sides that are in the roadway, to preserve visibility for motorists and provide protection for patrons  
  • Place such barriers directly adjacent to each other (no gaps) and no more than 8′ from the curb  
  • Ensure visibility of patrons and barriers at night by clearly marking all barriers with yellow high intensity retro-reflective tape or reflectors  

More details, including diagrams, can be found HERE in the Siting Criteria. Have questions? Check out the Open Restaurants FAQ HERE.

A few other notes:

  • We are told that enforcement will likely be based on community complaints collected by 311
  • We encourage our businesses to speak with neighbors in advance to create a dialogue to address any issues that may arise before reporting
  • We suggest posting  “How’re we doing?” signage and include with a contact number or email
  • You must continue to practice and promote appropriate public safety guidelines and follow Department of Health recommendations and regulations 

Phase 2 – Governor Executive Order on Alcohol

Please note that the Governor signed an executive order last week regarding the selling and serving of alcohol. Please read the order above. It’s a hefty fine if not complied with. While NFBID believes that this order needs to be changed and more responsibility put on the consumer, it is our responsibility to share it with our businesses.

Consumers, please help our small businesses by picking up your drink to go or taking a seat in the outdoor dining. We want our struggling business to thrive, not receive fines, in the coming months. Thank you!