40 new Meter Racks installed along North Flatbush Avenue in August.

All along North Flatbush Avenue, 40 brand new repurposed bike racks were installed by NYC Department of Transportation.

Did you know that commuter bike riding nearly quadrupled in the last decade, growing 8% in the last year.  To date, the North Flatbush AVenue BID has 98 bike racks on our streets.  The BID is also working with the NYC DOT for additional bike corrals in our streets.  If you have an ideal location  for a street bike corral in our area, contact us, we would like to hear from you!  Repurposed Bike Rack

 Made from galvanized, durable ductile iron, meter racks easily slide on to former parking meter posts that have had their heads removed following DOT’s installation of new, user-friendly muni meters. By taking advantage of already-installed infrastructure, the meter racks eliminate the cost of removing old posts combined with the cost of installing an entirely new bike rack. 

The new meter rack’s design is based on the standard “Hoop” rack designed by Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve, which was selected as the winner of a DOT and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum-sponsored competition in 2008. The design also reflects time-tested methods pioneered by DOT to secure the racks to the poles in a way that improves durability, reduces the need for maintenance and helps to prevent theft and vandalism.

Through its CityRacks program, the DOT has installed more than 13,000 city bicycle racks citywide to date, providing parking for more than 26,000 bicycles, most of which were installed within the last four years, and with a record 2,700 racks installed in the last fiscal year. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos of our new bike racks.